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If youre learning Python programming, you may encounter the use of Flask.

how to use flask python

Ive listed the best Flask tutorial for you to get started. But before we start, lets start answering some questions that you might have in your mind.

What is Flask?

Flask is a web framework powered by Python. It is designed for creating web applications and dynamic websites. Building a web application from scratch with Python will require a lot of time and expertise, but with Flask, everything you need to get started is available. If youre the kind of guy who wants to focus in web development, learn Flask before learning a more advance web framework for Python.

Should I use Flask or Django?

Django is number 1 when we talk about a framework for web use. But its very complicated and overwhelming. Most of your projects can be made with Django but in some situations and projects, you may need a more straightforward and easier web framework, and that it Flask.

The Flask courses that I listed below will teach you how to use flask. Flask documentation is hard to understand. Like many students, a video course is much preferred.

Lets now move on our list!

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